Strategy.   Space.   Science.   Idle.   Proc-Gen.   Rogue-Like.

Begging on the streets of a medieval city, your body, mind, and soul are wasting away. Lift yourself out of poverty and find your true calling.

  • Increase your skills, make money, and move up in the world
  • Go from begging to gambling to hunting to fighting in the arena and beyond
  • An incremental story game: each life improves the next!

LIFE! Incremental Evolution Clicker

  • Evolve life from primordial soup to dinosaurs to humanity and beyond
  • Classic clicker gameplay: spend resources to make more resources
  • Based on real science and current theories
  • Currently in beta, with 25 lifeforms to unlock
  • Approaching 10,000 downloads!
  • Free on Google Play
  • Kill alien bugs for corporate gain!
  • Global progress tracking.
  • More players means more funding for everyone!
  • With beautiful pixel art by Jean-Marc Vaatstra ("Cablenexus"), and creepy sci-fi atmospheres by Sid Quinsaat
  • Free for PC
  • And Android!

A calm creative experience. A sandbox growing game where you shape the evolution of an alien ecosystem. Study the environment and discover what drives it, or just sit back, relax, and see what happens!

  • Player-Driven Discovery
  • Nurture strange alien flora
  • Harvest plants to evolve new life-forms
  • Control the rules of selection and survival
  • Sculpt your world 
  • 5 game modes: normal, experimental, observational, ecological, deduction
  • Beautiful original soundtrack
  • Play with cellular automata

A sword and sorcery adventure where your magic shapes the world. A Classical rogue-like with a modern feel. A challenging RPG with clear goals and important tactical decisions. A deep experience that's easy to use. Kill monsters, get loot, solve puzzles, complete quests.

  • Explore vast procedural dungeons, forests, swamps, and towers
  • Re-shape the world with your magic
  • Complete mini-quests on each floor to gain permanent rewards
  • Total support for keyboard and mouse control
  • On Steam
  • And Google Play


  • Available from Shrapnel Games (in a box with a 48-page manual!)
  • Classical rogue-like set in space
  • Explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, vaults, and more
  • No level caps on officers, monsters, and items
  • Unlimited procedural quests
  • 150 hand-crafted quests
  • 12 sentient alien races to interact with
  • Over 100 monsters
  • 8 different paths to victory

For creation and collection aficionados!

  • Create, sell, and showcase works of art!
  • Level up your artist skills to buy more tools, colors, canvases, and more.
  • Browse the online galleries to see what other players have created.
  • The Painter's Playground was created by Next Zen Mechanics
  • Available now on Steam!



You are the greatest bunny who ever lived! Rule over a new colony of bunnies in a limitless grassy valley. Fight against starvation, predators, and cruel fate. Inspired by the classic game Hammurabi and the exponential growth of incremental games. Entirely text-based, entirely free.