IBOLOGY is an independent game development company created in 2013 by Bob Saunders to explore ideas about space, strategy, procedural generation, science, and evolution.

In 2015, IBOLOGY released Approaching Infinity, The Space Adventure Roguelike, and XenoBloom: The Game Of Life Evolved. The next year, IBOLOGY worked closely with the Patriots Technology Training Center, creating custom science education video games for middle school students.

2017 saw the release of The Curse Of Yendor on Steam, a roguelike game about terrain deformation. IBOLOGY then went on hiatus because...

Bob formed a new game development company with Dr. Ryan Dorkoski: Next Zen Mechanics. NZM launched its first game, The Painter's Playground, on Feb. 8th 2018.

After The Painter's Playground launched, IBOLOGY came back strong with big updates to both XenoBloom and Yendor, and a brand new coffee-break roguelike: "Purge Persist & Profit". More updates and brand new games are on the way!






For creation and collection aficionados!

  • Create, sell, and showcase works of art!
  • Level up your artist skills to buy more tools, colors, canvases, and more.
  • Browse the online galleries to see what other players have created.
  • Give "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation of an artist's hard work
  • The Painter's Playground was created by Next Zen Mechanics
  • Available now on Steam!



  • Kill alien bugs for corporate gain!
  • Make a toxic planet safe for miners.
  • Global progress tracking.
  • More players killing more bugs means more funding for everyone!
  • My 8th Seven Day Rogue-Like (7DRL) success!
  • With beautiful pixel art by Jean-Marc Vaatstra ("Cablenexus"), and creepy sci-fi atmospheres by Sid Quinsaat
  • Free for PC
  • And Android!




  • Explore vast procedural dungeons, forests, swamps, and towers
  • Re-shape the world with your magic
  • Complete mini-quests on each floor to gain permanent rewards
  • Total support for keyboard and mouse control
  • On Steam 02/17/17

  • Player-Driven Discovery
  • Nurture strange alien flora
  • Harvest plants to evolve new life-forms
  • Control the rules of selection and survival
  • Sculpt your world 
  • 4 game modes: normal, experimental, observational, ecological
  • Beautiful original soundtrack

ai logo double size

  • Available from Shrapnel Games (in a box with a 48-page manual!)
  • Classical rogue-like set in space
  • Explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, vaults, and more
  • No level caps on officers, monsters, and items
  • Unlimited procedural quests
  • 150 hand-crafted quests
  • 12 sentient alien races to interact with
  • Over 100 monsters
  • 8 different paths to victory


  • Cooperative Real-Time Strategy
  • Resource management simulation
  • Keep your colonists alive on Mars

"The Martian Frontier" was made for a live competition event at the NASA Goddard Space Center, April 14th 2016.
Eight teams of middle-school students competed to win a week at space camp!