Ibology is an independent game development company created in 2013 by Bob Saunders to explore ideas about space, strategy, procedural generation, and evolution.

In 2016, Ibology was commissioned to create an educational game for a live competition at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The result is "The Martian Frontier", a cooperative survival strategy game set on Mars.

Additional science-education games have been commissioned by the Patriots Technology Training Center, with a tentative event date of February 2017.

Ibology is firmly rooted in PC development, but is now moving into the mobile market, with several games available on the Google Play and Amazon App stores.

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  • Explore vast procedural dungeons, forests, swamps, and towers
  • Terrain deformation at its finest!
  • Complete mini-quests on each floor to gain permanent rewards
  • Dig through walls, burn trees, freeze rivers, and cause earthquakes!
  • Total support for keyboard or mouse control
  • PC demo and Android beta available

  • Nurture strange alien flora
  • Harvest plants to evolve new life-forms
  • Control the rules of selection and survival
  • Sculpt your world 
  • 4 game modes: normal, experimental, observational, ecological
  • Beautiful original soundtrack

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  • Available from Shrapnel Games (in a box with a 48-page manual!)
  • Classical rogue-like set in space
  • Explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, vaults, and more
  • No level caps on officers, monsters, and items
  • Unlimited procedural quests
  • 150 hand-crafted quests
  • 12 sentient alien races to interact with
  • Over 100 monsters
  • 8 different paths to victory


  • Real Time Strategy / 4X / Action!
  • (SoaSE + Galactic Civilizations) / GalCon
  • You Make The Rules
  • Hundreds of ships
  • Thousands of shots
  • PvP Coming Soon!


Drop The Anchor, Get The Treasure

Collect Coins and Power-Ups

Purchase Upgrades and Customizations

Available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store


  • Cooperative Real-Time Strategy
  • Resource management simulation
  • Keep your colonists alive on Mars

"The Martian Frontier" was made for a live competition event at the NASA Goddard Space Center, April 14th 2016.
Eight teams of middle-school students competed to win a week at space camp!